Not only a great article, but I would wager a very helpful if not essential article (and topic) for many, many people. I would love to see this "get out there" and be read because I think I might be inspirational for many.

Combinations of unrealistic, idealistic, selfish, technology-ignorant people/entities ARE failing our kids!

The travesty of a poorly worded email newsletter title

This morning I was greeted with an article in a newsletter — one of hundreds of emails I get daily–called Pattern Matching, published by Medium’s OneZero. I receive too many emails and personal messages on sites like LinkedIn as well as hundreds of phone calls daily and my health is…

Arkansas Republican U.S. Senator Tom Cotton made some idiotic comments and assertions yesterday in response to the House passing legislation to introduce Washington D.C. as an official state. He replied Wyoming is substantially more deserving because it is a “well-rounded working-class state.”

Cotton says Wyoming’s ‘well-rounded working-class’ population more worthy…

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